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This really is God's country!
This large cross is on a hill on the road from San Antonio to Bandera.

The road to Medina from Lost Maples State Park. IMG_8733.jpg (35663 bytes)
Jade-bed.jpg (17609 bytes) Jade is in there someplace!
Up early doing school work!! Jade-computer.jpg (20993 bytes)

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Jade took this panorama picture near Lake Medina (about 5 miles from our house).

PICT1188.jpg (12582 bytes) Jade got the camera and took a few shots.
MANY were like this!
Mimi and Grandpa got in a few. PICT1169.jpg (17891 bytes)
PICT1215.jpg (16569 bytes) We had a goose problem at the Bandera River park.
Jade is now a certified goose herder! PICT1217.jpg (15956 bytes)
PICT1219.jpg (32404 bytes) It took a lot of coaxing to get her in this tree!
PICT1221.jpg (37949 bytes) This water is really cool!
Jade and Mimi at the river behind the motel. PICT1224.jpg (20635 bytes)
PICT1171.jpg (13847 bytes) On Monday, December 12, we closed on the house (in Flying L Ranch).
Mimi started lining out projects. house-1.jpg (15359 bytes)
PICT1170.jpg (16480 bytes) View from dining room.  There is a pond (water hazard) to the left across the road.
Entry.  Office on the left and dining room on the right. PICT1176.jpg (21490 bytes)
Earlier house pictures here.