10/14/2023 Annular Solar Eclipse
10:23 AM to 1:33 PM
(some clouds during 3 hour eclipse event!)
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Computer, equatorial mount and camera.
Nikon 995 wide angle with filter, f7.5 at 1/2000 second, High quality

Time lapse of sun during eclipse
(photos every 2 minutes except during ring, every 1 minute).
Canon T2i 210mm with filter,    200ASA, f8 @ 1/250 sec exposure

"Ring of Fire" shot every 15 seconds (+/- 11:54AM)
The Ring of Fire in this year's Annular eclipse is caused by the
Moon being farther from  the Earth and therefore not
covering the entire sun.

2024 "Total" Eclipse
The 4/8/2024 eclipse was TOTAL, but the overcast was 100%, so no sun pictures.
However, it did get pretty dark for 4 minutes!

Images at fixed exposure during eclipse.
It was getting dark. The deer bedded down
under the big oak tree.
Wow, that was a short night!
Time for breakfast!