Arkansas Quartz Mining
April 2024

Avant mining 2024
Headquarters of mining company
John found us a great condo
with a back porch and grill!
Dining and kitchen.
We also had a washer and dryer
that was definitely needed!!!
Steak night before the dig.
We needed fuel!

Big machines open up the pockets for us to dig
This is the pocket that the old man worked.
John worked a different site.
John working through his own tailings.
Sam and Charlie helped us all day.
This is Sam with John at his site.
John Sr.'s dig site.
Here goes!
John going through the tailings from my dig site.
The old man in a hole!
Found one!
Definitely need to wash these clothes!
This is the upper part of John Sr.'s
dig area.
After a long day digging, we returned
to the office area and rinsed the crystals.
There was still a lot of cleaning needed!
The crystals were then wrapped in paper
and put in boxes and buckets to bring home.
John pre-sorted all of the crystals
and selected the ones he was going to take
home in his suitcase. He was limited to about
20#, so he selected carefully.
This was his prize cluster.
It went home in his carry-on.
On the way home we stopped at
Crater of Diamonds State Park.
Diamond field in background.
We did not try to find any; the park was
closing in an hour.
There were still some working
the field.
The visitor center and mine history
was very interesting.
On the way home we went to Paris (Texas).
First acid wash in Bandera. At least three
more batches to go.
A large point from this site.
A few crystal images.

Use "pause" and "run" in lower
right to control the slideshow.
Small clear points
in crystal vase
with LED lights.