Eleven years after the build of my first Intel i7 computer, I finally upgraded to
a faster system.  This time I purchased a Dell XPS 8940 which was less
expensive (and less stressful) than buying the parts for a new build.
It has 64GB RAM, a 1TB M.2 NVRAM and an Intel i7-10700 processor.
Cooling modifications, additional storage and USB ports were added (see below).

The first modification was the addition of another 1TB M.2 NVRAM in a PCIe adapter and an additional
4X USB3 card in the final PCIe slot (see picture above).  The rear exhaust fan was also changed to
a Noctua NF-A9 92mm PWM fan.

The new rear exhaust fan change was not enough to keep the CPU under 100°C for fast
processing (like video editing), so the stock CPU cooler was removed and the unused 3.5"
hard drive cage was removed from the front to improve air flow.  A 2TB 3.5" drive was
added for additional storage (upper right in picture above).  Also shown above is the
mounting bracket for the new CPU cooler (above & below the CPU).

A Noctua NH-9DL CPU cooler was installed.

The final cooling modification was the addition of another NF-A9 fan in the front.
With these modifications, the maximum temperature is about 70° C with an idle of 35° C.