Big snow "event" February 14-19, 2021

Sunrise February 15, 2021

Cold and getting colder!!!
I "borrowed" some wood from next door.
Snow blowing on the morning in 2/15.
8th fairway.
Looking for seed under the bird feeder
Time for a nap
Warming my feet after getting wood.
TV by candlelight using laptop and cell phone as hotspot.

We had rolling blackouts with 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for 2 days.
There was still snow on the 17th, but it started melting that afternoon.
Jack and his saucer!
Snow people!

Thanks Heinen girls.
The artists!
Drone shot after more snow on the 18th.
Panorama drone shot in the snow.
This was Feb. 18, 2021.
#8 fairway on the 18th.

Sunrise on the 19th.  Still cold (19 degrees) but snow stopped.

The snow is thawing and the Egyptian Geese have returned.
I just HAD to have some fun with them with the drone!
Power usage for February. Even with the extra power needed for heat during the storm, our bill was only $11 more than January.  Our power is provided by a co-op, and they don't take advantage of customers like the "for profit" power companies.  The rotating outages were 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for a little over 24 hours after the initial outage early on the 15th.