Site 39.
All of the bathrooms have been renovated with lots of nice showers.  There is even AC/heat!
Monday was a Christmas card manufacturing day, and Doris went to church for bible study Wednesday.  Wednesday night we were in a severe weather area from 8PM until 2AM Thursday.  We got at least 6" of rain, but no hail or wind.  A small water leak in the roof was our primary excitement, but Norwex towels and a few pans provided a temporary fix.
Thursday was clear and dry - time to dry out the Norwex towels and cloths.
Thursday was clear, so we hiked down to the river.  The debris line on the left was apparently the river high water mark over night!
Yesterday there were small kids playing in the river.  No kids (or adults) could be found in this today!
A few critters made it through the storm.