The trip didn't start well.  First, the refrigerator did not start up, so we took food in coolers.  After we drove to the camp site, the refrigerator started and never gave a problem after that.  It probably needed a little shaking!

Then the AC and all internal power stopped working.  It was traced to a burned main breaker and Aluminum bus bar.  The main breaker was "tightened" and moved down to the next position; this worked for the remainder of the trip, but it also burned the #2 position.  The #2 breaker worked ok in position #1.
I could not find a replacement, so I purchased some 0.08" copper and fabricated a replacement bar.  This one plus a new main breaker should last a long time!
We were in site #14.  We sat out every night under VERY dark skies and watched meteors, satellites and an occasional airplane.  The night of August 11 was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, and we saw several spectacular "horizon to horizon" meteors, most with glowing trails.
Our neighbors hade a very cute small trailer. The kitchen including small pull-out refrigerator is in the back.
Inside was a queen bed with doors on both sides.  They seemed comfortable including a dog that slept with them.
They had a TV, AC and stereo!
I did not take the telescope, but I did get a few star pictures.  Can you find the big dipper in this one?
It was VERY DRY!

This area of the East trail is usually running water.
2013 was also a dry year, but at least there was some water. The arrow is pointing to the "bridge" that is needed when there is really flowing water here.
Not much color to photograph!  This was near the ponds.
The ponds had water, but the overflow to the small waterfall was just a trickle.
The primitive camping areas at the ponds were closed off.
Juniper berries - this is a female Juniper tree.
This little guy is missing a body part!
At the top of the drive into Leakey, there was a little color, but I think it was from a lack of water.  These bushes were green on the top and orange near the ground.