Thanksgiving 2019 with Shannon & Mike

After Thanksgiving, we went to a rental house in Vanderpool, TX
Before we left, our maple tree finally showed some color
and then started dropping leaves!
Hen's Nest for brunch on Saturday.
The house (top of page) was at the edge of  wall that
dropped down to a small creek.  This picture was taken
by a drone flying down the wall.
Drone shot of Shannon and Mike down by the creek.
Shannon and Mike waiting for the sunrise.

Sunrise from back porch.
There were also some pretty great sunsets.
The weather all week was great; 40's in the morning
and 70's in the afternoon.
Watching a movie!
We went shopping every day.
On Shannon's birthday, we were in Leakey.
Mike is ready for the birthday spankings!
Mimi made Shannon an Italian Cream cake for her birthday.
In a tree at Garner State Park.
No comment!
On the way back from Garner, we stopped at the Lost Maples
cafe for "pie and coffee".  We ended up with pie, coffee, a hamburger and two plates of jalapeno poppers!