This trip we were down near the river (sites 34,36,38 & 39).
We are across the street from the Estes - they are on the left of this picture.
All meals were at the table by the Estes trailer.  Eating is always a highlight of these trips.
We were shopping in Uvalde, and Sadie waited patiently at our trailer for our return (she knew the treats were in the car!).
Vicki taught Doris how to add bitmojis to her texts.  That unleashed a monster!

Before the weekend, the river was our private lake!
Afternoon at the beach!
Larry & Crisanne and their cute "A" frame trailer came in Thursday.

Thursday was the hike to the Crystal Cave.
There were a lot of stops on the way up so John could make it.
This was a flat part of the trail!
View on the way up.
"Cairns" stacked at the top by hikers that "made it".

Click here to see a picture in 3D.  You need red-blue glasses with the red on the left.

We thought the cave would be at the top,  No cave!
Serious map studying to try to find the cave!  It was finally decided that we must have passed it, so we went back down the trail to find it.
How did we miss this sign????
It was right on the trail, and the cave was very visible on the right side.
No clue how we missed it!
Bonnie & Vicki went first.
After everyone had climbed out, John got a few pictures from inside the cave.
After leaving the cave, we went back up to the top  to start the trip down.

Ready to go down.  This is last image of John before he lost a bit of hair (and blood).
A trip and fall of about 8' shortly after the above picture was taken. This is after a LOT of cleanup after returning to the camp.
After a trip to the ER in Uvalde for CT and staples, it looked a lot better.

The bruised or cracked ribs were the only lasting pain - the head never really hurt.

The trip did not end well for Doris and John.  Both got a stomach bug and were ill until the day they returned.