We did a LOT of eating.....
,,,,and crafts.
The girls learned quilling.

It started in miss Vicki's trailer.
The quilling moved to Mimi's trailer after Vicki left.
There was plenty of fun in the dry creek bed.
An evening ranger program taught how to make bricks from dirt, water, straw and a brick mold.  All of the kids had a chance to make small bricks and then take them home after they were dry.  The fort was made in the same way (by hand), but the bricks were a bit larger!
The first day there was a long hiking trip for some.
A little help getting down.
Every night we had a "visitor" who walked through the campground between our trailers.
One night the skunk was under the table when we returned.
That is a bit too close!!!
 A "little" snake made one afternoon interesting!
There were other animals in the area like this monkey.
 A red tailed hawk       
This guy came into our campground every evening (before the skunk!).
One day we all went to the swimming hole at Balmorhea.

The pool at the park is 1.3 acre and contains 3.5 million gallons.  Over 20 million gallons of water flow from the spring every day!  The pool is always about 74 degrees and is up to 30 feet deep in some areas.

The pool is "L" shaped - no way to get it all in a single picture.
It also had several diving boards.
Back at camp, there were lively games including Frisbee and kick ball.  Every evening saw games of Uno, Yatzee. Fish and Ghost.
Pretty smile!
More trouble!
Exhibit "A".
After 10 days, it was time for a little laundry!
Sunday we set up a computer and TV and watched a sermon on "Restoring the Church" by Jason Brown from 1910 Church in Boerne.  The service was followed by communion (Steve & Bonnie).

The 1910Church series for the summer has been "RESTORE". Check out 1910church.com for the sermons on restoring: God, People, Men, Women, Our Nation, Family, The Church, Marriage and Witnessing.

This is our campground taken with infrared light only.  All chlorophyll is white ( (grass & leaves).
Temperature the morning we left for home!!