We started our journey to Caprock Canyon by driving through high winds and lots of dust.
When we got home, I changed out the air filter since our gas mileage had dropped about 20%.
First stop was Littlefield, Texas for the wedding of Jonathan Raitz and Sunni Zamora.

Littlefield is almost a ghost town.  Virtually all businesses are boarded up as are most homes.  The wedding venue was a gem located in the middle of closed down stores.
Lavonne and Clara joined the group from Bandera county.
The wedding was the most Christ filled wedding we had ever experienced, and we have seen (and photographed) a lot of weddings!
No comment!
The next morning, we headed up to Caprock Canyon.

The plan was to settle in to our room at the Turkey Hotel and then go to the canyon the following day.  Since we arrived early afternoon and the weather was going to get bad, we took a drive through the canyon; WE ARE GLAD WE DID!

There is a small lake near the entrance of the park.  It has a beach, and there were people swimming.
Bison roam freely through the park.
This guy was bigger than I am - we waited for him to pass.
Doris did get up close to one!
The VERY cutest animals in the park were the prairie dogs.
There were hundreds in the field across from the ranger station.
Some fussed a lot.
The short drive through the canyon was spectacular.
Typical camp site.
After our drive through the canyon, we headed a few miles East to Turkey, Texas and the Turkey Hotel.
This is a B&B!
The rooms are VERY SMALL, but clean and updated with Wi-Fi and lots of TV channels.  Cool barn door to the small bathroom with a shower and small sink.

This is NOT luxury living, but it is a clean and dry bed in a very stormy part of Texas.
Breakfast was bacon and eggs - nothing special but good.  There were several locals in the dining room when we got there; this is one of very few places to eat in the area.

After breakfast, we decided to pass on our second nights stay due to expected large hail and tornados than evening.  We will return with our trailer some time, but not in the spring!