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We were in site 204. The trailer in the background is the home of Larry and Crisanne.  Jim & Vicki were across the road from us.
Once we were set up, Doris used the phone as a hotspot to participate in a live Norwex video conference.
Monday morning - February in South Texas!
Jim & John went for a hike around the lakes and found a few alligators  This guy was "hiding" in plain site a few feet from the trail.
He was still there the next day when John & Larry took a short trip around the lake.  John is near the tail, not the head!
"If I stick my head in the brush, no one can see me"
Sadie was not too interested in the gators.
Notice that the birds gave the gator his own space.
Larry tickling a snake!
There are three telescope domes in the park.  They are open on the weekends for star parties.
The upper marker shows the water level during hurricane Harvey (September 2017). The water was 52.67' above sea level.
Red-Eared Slider turtle
It was cool and foggy when we walked out on the jetties at Surfside.
Sadie really wanted to chase birds!
Selfie at the end on the jetties.
Dr. Doris repairing a small "boo-boo" Crisanne got when she fell on the slippery rocks on the jetties.
The "girls" plus Zaida went to Harwin street (in Houston) and came back as princesses.
No comment.
We returned in May to see Doris' brother Mike
Doris and Tootsie feeding Mike.
Mike has no use of his left side after the stroke in October.  Doris was massaging his fingers to try to straighten them.

Mike has a sharp mind and a firm handshake.  The gowns are necessary due to an infection.
There were deer in the campground!  They are usually hiding when we are there in the winter because there is a hunt in the park in early December.
I took a short hike around "40 Acre Lake" and only saw turtles on the land.
...and some flowers....
... and a few birds.
The alligators were all in the water.
"Big Creek" (behind our site) the day we arrived.
The day we had to evacuate (2 days later), this water was at the same level as the river and was rising.
Water over the road at campground exit.  The ranger said it would not be passable in about an hour, so we didn't have time to dump.
When we got home, I dumped the tanks at a local trailer park.  This duck was "swimming" in a puddle in the road.