Brazos Bend, August 2019 - A Quiet Morning
I was the only one in the loop!

Doris was in Damon to be with her brother Mike who was in his last days. I stayed at Brazos Bend and helped out as much as I could.  It was quiet here and VERY HOT. I did a little hiking to pass the time while here.  A few of the pictures are below.
My first attempt at going around the 40 Acre Lake was stopped by this little guy.  He was just waiting for a little dog or slow human to pass on the trail!!
Much of 40 Acre lake was covered with green algae.
This guy hitched a ride from the camp site to the ranger station.
There are 18 baby black-bellied whistling ducks in this picture - trust me!
My neighbors cooking breakfast the last day I was at the park.
When I returned the trailer to storage, I noticed this big chunk of tire missing.  Air pressure remained normal during the entire trip; this could have been like this for many miles.  Since these trailer tires are 9 years old, all 5 will be replaced before the next trip.

Mike went home to be with Jesus on Friday, August 9 2019