August 2018 
The week started with 14.  It dropped to 12 and then to two!
FOOD was  a major focus!
Three pounds of bacon!!!
We had rain several days during dinner.  This day it was so heavy that the cover was lowered and all 14 huddled under it until the rain stopped!
Inside the lowered shelter.
It was a bit cool!
No comment!
The three girls rode bicycles every day (and many evenings!).  They found a few boys to ride with.  The occupants of our loop really missed the girls when they went home.
One whitetail came by most evenings.
Mac and friend.  Note that Steve was keeping his distance!
There were lots of butterflies!
Sadie and her Mom
Rescue dog exercise walk every week.
Ella had gone to HCC summer camp.  She lives in Alpine, so we went over for a visit.
Ella and her grandfather.
We ran into the "Dog Whisperer" when we stopped in to get ice cream.  He is training Ella's dog.
Three little indians.
Dress-up time.
Waiting for the rain to stop.
Bonnie braided a lot of hair!
Group pout.
Lots of construction projects.

Large greenhouse complex in Fort Davis (there is another one in Marfa). This picture was taken from the end of Skyline Drive.
Hike from the campground to the top of this hill.
Another hike was to the hill near the lodge.
After most of the group left, we ate all of the food that was in the refrigerator!

Fajitas for dinner; we had steak for breakfast the same day!
Day trip to Terlingua and Big Bend.
Terlingua church.
We headed into Big Bend and up to Chisos Basin (we were ALL hungry).
Good travelers.
Refilled and ready for the trip back to the campground.
Peak behind the restaurant.

View from the restaurant.
Strange formation.
Trip to visitor center to get passports stamped.
Goodbye Big Bend.
This is a BIG cottonwood tree!
we made it!

Pioneer cemetary in Fort Davis.
Cool hat!
Father - daughter???
After everyone else left, we put up our little screened shelter.  It is not so good for rain, but it kept the flies away.
Doris found a vendor selling shirts to the drug store.  They only had samples, but she ordered this one.
John had been worried about a slow leak in one tire.  It was less than 1/2# per day, but he still took it in on Friday.
Exhibit "A", a small screw.
After fixing the tire and a successful trip to the thrift store, we went to Alpine for brunch at Penny's Diner.

Saturday night was date night at the Blue Mountain Bistro in Fort Davis. 

John had the Beef Bourguignon and Doris had Salmon.  Both were EXCELLENT!

Sunrise on the day we left for home.