1910 Church (Boerne) hosted the event in the Boerne City Park.
Three panoramas connected to try to get a picture of the crowd 30 minutes before the service started. There was still plenty of room for more!
This service was a community event, not just for 1910 Church.  There were many other local residents as well as those walking down the street that saw the crowd and heard the music.  The local police estimated the crowd at 3500, about 2000 more than the regular weekly attendance at 1910 Church.
This area behind the back screen was almost full by the time the service ended.
Doris loves nutcrackers!
The video below includes short segments of the praise time before the message from Pastor Jason followed by the message as recorded by the church.  The end of the video is a short video of part of the candlelight ceremony and "Silent Night".

The parts I recorded are not complete or very steady - I was more interested in worship than taking pictures!

By the time the message ended, Doris and I had decided to make a change in our yard Nativity for next year (stay tuned!).
NOTE: This video can be viewed full screen; click on the "enlarge" icon in the control bar at the bottom when you mouse over the video: