Estes (77) and Goodes (76)

Zamponi site was 80.
Upper Falls with Zamponis.

Vicki was in bed with a bad back.
Larry (on right) was about to have a crash!

Larry was heading to the falls.
Almost there.  See video below.
Upper falls with Jim, Vicki and Sadie
Lower falls - lots of people there.
Crisanne's daughter and family came out for a visit.
"MacGyver" hook-up to be able to watch the SPURS win.  There is not enough room in our trailer and our TV is small, so the antenna was left at our place and the receiver was put in out "trunk" which was about half way to the Estes' trailer.  The receiver output was run to the Artic Fox.
Up and running.
There were still cactus flowers.
Saturday morning breakfast.