The Zamponis,  the Goodes, the Estes and the Tidballs spent several days camping and eating (a lot)
at Lost Maples.  The park was empty when we got there.
The night before we arrived, there was a big hail storm with 1" hail.  The park was filled with boy scouts, and it really scared them.  The only remaining evidence was a ground cover of leaves from the trees.
Monday was Jim's birthday!
Every night the girls played games and the guys watched a movie.
We did a hike to the ponds; the red tailed hawk was not home.
It started out cold (cool), but warmed up by afternoon.
Jim & Sadie crossing the stream over the water falls.

  The group picture at the ponds.
An adult golden-fronted woodpecker on a bird feeder at the bird viewing station located near the overflow parking lot.
On Wednesday, Jim, Larry and Steve did the East Trail clockwise from the ponds.  John took a "shorter" trail counter-clockwise also on the East Trail.  There were many full water crossings in that direction, and he did a face plant into a rock while crossing one of them.  This is the result (Sunday morning).

The blood is coming from under the three small cuts above the eyebrow.  That is where the glasses frame cut the skin.
The eye on Wednesday, 1/25/2017 a week after the fall!

A little blood goes a long way!
Mac joined us for a hike on Friday.  We did the West Trail (about 6 miles).
Made it to the top!
The group.
Some of the trail signs were a little confusing.
We had five of these at our campsite on Saturday morning.

Move bar to pan.  This is campground at noon Saturday.  It was VERY windy with more expected Sunday, so they declared a burn ban (Doris was VERY Happy!).  The blue collapsed tent and its' occupants were gone Sunday morning.
Utopia Methodist Church.

This was the first Sunday that they moved the service to 10:00 (web and sign said 10:45).  We got there at 10:30; the parking lot was full as was the church.  We missed the 30 minutes of music, but were there in time for the message.
Monday morning!!  

It was actually about 75° in the trailer; the thermometer is hanging on an outside wall.  We started a humidifier about 4AM, and by 8AM it had used about 1 quart of water.  We could really tell the difference; Doris finally got some good sleep.