November 2016 with Tidballs
Doris cracking pecans!  The Tidballs were in the campsite next to us.
A very large motor home pulled in next to Steve and Bonnie.  They were towing a trailer with this very nice red Corvette.
A big breakfast before the rain started.
We did a driving trip through the hills Tuesday (plus a little shopping).  It rained all day Wednesday, so that was a down time.  That evening we watched "Sweet Home Alabama" at the Tidball's trailer using the media center.  There was a bit of creative wiring needed to get everything powered up.
A hike along the river on Thursday.
A very large hollow tree.
The tree had a side window!
A recurring problem every evening was fighting these pesky bees.  This one was resting after being hit several times with a fly swatter.  He was still there the next day!
Our almost empty loop Monday through Thursday started filling up Friday.  There were several groups camping together, and most were in tents.  The rain stopped Friday after Steve and Bonnie left!