Jim, Vicki & Sadie joined us for a fun time at the Davis Mountains State Park. We were there 10 days, but could have stayed longer (we had plenty of food and movies!!).
I am gorgeous!

They only had two sites together when we got there - they were the two sites I had selected before we came!!
It was a God thing!
Doris doing 1 hour video webinar.  Internet was via cell phone to Ft. Davis in valley below.
She was still going at dark.
Waiting for the webinar to start.
Waiting for the webinar to finish.
One good night of telescope viewing.  This is M16, the Eagle Nebula.

We saw lots of Perseid meteors on August 11-12.
M8, the Lagoon Nebula.

Note: The color camera field of view is less than the B&W camera.  That is why there is only color data on part of these images.
Checking out the trail to Fort Davis.
Lunch at Penny's diner in Alpine (shopping trip).
Bacon & eggs.
For dinner, it was Vicki's famous New Mexico enchiladas.
Jim & John hiked down to Fort Davis.
Tech support on email problems with daughter Deborah.
Jim at Fort Davis overlook.
Balanced rock (3 points).
Sadie and her parents took a hike up to the top of Skyline Drive.
While Jim & Vicki (& Sadie) were hiking, John & Doris were hard at work on their computers.  John was working on this web page, Doris was on Facebook.
Sending out prayer request from the top of Skyline Drive.
We took a short trip to the Chihuahuan Desert (until a big rain storm came in).
Doris and Vicki checked messages and made calls while we waited for the rain to stop.
Video of RAIN.
The cute trailer moved across from us on Saturday night.  It looks like a Christmas Tree!
The temperature the morning we left for home.
There were two bird viewing locations in the camp ground.
I am pretty!