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Senora, Jamestown

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We started this trip with Deborah, Bob and Matthew
Oranges in the back yard- they won't be ready until March.
Three noisy chickens.
The passion fruit is great in a smoothie.
Ripe passion fruit.
Sunrise from Deborah's kitchen window.
Doris doing her thing with Norwex cloths.

The tide was out.
Looks like he got a worm???
Waiting patiently.
We spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning the City Team Community Services building with Deborah & Bob's church.
That is definitely not Norwex!
That is a BIG bowl of soup.
Inverted Christmas tree in downtown Los Altos.
Lots of color.
Much of it is pepper beans!
The beans cover the ground. 
The Facebook campus.

Sonora and Jamestown
On Tuesday we rented a car and drove to a B&B in Senora.

This is the Bradford Place B&B.
We had our own external entrance and a private patio.
A cool church in downtown Senora.
Wednesday we drove over to Jamestown for more shopping. 

Interesting perk!!
Five of these came home with us.

John, Pari, Zach and Ethan
  Guard cat
John has torn out the old retaining wall.  Anyone want a few rocks? 

See the bottom of this page to see what the back yard looked like ten years ago (3rd picture from bottom).
Thanksgiving cooks hard at work.
Yes, John actually put his hand there!
Almost done.
Ethan hard at work (on his phone).
Mimi made Ethan a pair of pajamas.