There were about 50 tents and few RV's at the park.  Every tent had several tubes that mostly stayed at the camp site, but the campers filled the small pond area near the ranger station to keep cool!
Doris made jewelry and copied a lot of old pictures while  John was processing astronomy pictures.
We did a short hike on the Maple Trail early Saturday.  John did other hikes alone - one trying to catch up to Mac.
Although we had a lot of rain last month, this creek is now completely dry. A few years ago the water was about 2 feet deep on the other side of these weeds.
John had the telescope, and he set it up two nights to get some new images.

The first night was a new picture of Saturn.

This image and the images below were shot at our campsite on July 18 and 19.
M20 - the Trifed Nebula. 
M17 - the Omega Nebula.
M8 - the Lagoon Nebula.

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