October 2015 with Mac, Jim, Vicki and Sadie

John & Doris were in #340; Jim, Vicki & Sadie were in #338.  The Frio river was a short walk behind the trailers.
Breakfast before Mac came.  There was so much food it was hard to find a place to sit!
The river from the picnic area.  This one is for Vicki.
The above in 3D; use red-blue glasses to view.
John, Mac, Jim, Vicki & Sadie took a short hike on Monday.
The first stop was a small cave.  John made it that far and returned, but the others continued to the top of the ridge.  Those pictures were taken by Mac and Vicki. 

Mac went home Tuesday, but John, Doris, Jim & Vicki drove over to Lost Maples to check out the park and take a short hike to the ponds.

No color yet, but with a little cold weather Lost Maples can look like this (2008).

There was also some color in November 2013.
This Tarantula was near the waterfall path at the pond area; there was another one crossing the road in the campground.
We checked, but there was no hawk at home this day. 

Check out the bottom of this page for a picture of the hawk at home.  There is also a hummingbird in a nest on that page.