The weekend started in the craft room.....
.... while the boys worked on rockets for the new rocket launcher.

Hayden and Mike make one of the many rocket designs.
Ready to load!
Launch!!  This video can be played full screen.
Look carefully above the yellow arrow near the end for the impact!
--- it is a very small white flash ---
Hayden retrieving the rocket from the #3 fairway.  This image shows the launch range from our garage.
Not all rockets ended up down range!
Morgan made some great cupcakes for the July 4 party at Sandi's.
The Wii challenge!
Saturday was a pool day at Mt. Zion (on our church property). Ashley helped Mimi (and her new knee) down the steps into the pool.
Circle of girls in the pool.

It was a fun day - we had hamburgers, hot dogs and peach ice cream at the pool!
The lizard boy and his new friend!
Hi Dad!
Everyone helped get breakfast made Sunday morning before church.
Spa time after church.  All of the girls got pedicures (including Mimi).