November 2013

Many of the leaves had already fallen.

The park was full!  We settled in to site #25 this year, sandwiched between two very large rigs.

This may be our last year here; we will probably go to Garner next year and just do a day trip to Lost Maples.  We took a day trip to Garner, and it was quiet and not very full (we loved the Live Oak loop in New Garner).

We had our own maple tree!

It is still DRY.  Arrow above is to the "bridge" through the water!  It has been several years since water flowed around those rocks.
Slideshow from the East trail.
There was not much color left on the Pond trail.

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Saturday morning started out very foggy.  The cold weather is gone and humidity is here!  This slideshow contains pictures taken at the entrance and on the East trail about 8 AM.  Note the many colored leaves on the ground; we had some wind early Saturday morning.  Not shown is the line of traffic coming in the park at 8 AM!

Mouse over the image to pause the slideshow.