Floor Repair After It Buckled
February, 2012
When we got home from El Paso, the floor had buckled near the back door.  This was probably caused by faulty installation (adhesive too dry).
After the badly buckled tiles had been removed (they were not stuck to the floor), additional tiles were identified that also were not connected to the slab (blue tape).
Forty Five tiles were removed, and none were broken!
Tile cleaning area on the back porch.
All of the thinset adhesive that was still on the tiles could not be removed, and some tiles were completely covered with thinset (that had released from the slab).  Only ten tiles were completely clean on the back.
For tiles that still had old thinset, they were first trowelled with thinset on the clean part of the back and then Urethane Adhesive was applied to the old thinset adhesive.  The slab was sprayed with water to cure the Urethane.  Once the Urethane had hardened, the excess was removed with a knife.
The finished job after grouting.