Melissa and boys 2012
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Melissa and the boys started out next door at the Braddock's house (they were in San Diego).
Aidan and Lucas rode bikes around the loop as soon as they got here.  The hill is a bit steep for Aidan; Mimi gave him a push on the steepest part.  Lucas was long gone!
Coming down the back stretch.
Aidan is moving out!
Video of the boys riding bikes ( with Jackson, our next door neighbor).
Mimi bought a frog kick ball for the boys.
The pool at Mt. Zion.
Aunt Shannon, Melissa and the boys.

The smiles were gone by the end of the day!
It was nice and cool in this exhibit.
Cooling off.
Lucas found a bucket to stand under.
It was a long day!!!
All smiles before going to the Flying-L water park.
Aidan loved the big slide.
Dorothy, Melissa and the boys on the slides.
Happy armadillo.
Ride-up cowgirl!
Aidan using the rope to climb over the lily pads and log.
Mimi & Lucas riding the range.
Aunt Shannon & Aiden (friends of Melissa).
Aiden, Blaine and Lucas
Only in Texas!
Aiden & Blaine - good nachos!
San Antonio Zoo
Strollers helped the kids, but........
Two headed flamingo ????
Aidan wanted these bird pictures.
That elephant is BIG.
Panda and giraffe.
Aidan REALLY wanted a bird to sit on his arm.....
.... but they liked Mom better.
Before leaving, we went on a train ride.
Leaving the station.
Coming back.
Goodbye zoo.
There were lots of climbing and sliding areas.
Lucas digging a hole.
Mimi, Mom and Aidan take a spin in car #1.
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Olga with Lucas.
Boys and wet sand!
Mimi "capturing" colored balls.
Lucas loved the grocery store.
Off and running!

Grandpa Mike and Uncle Roger found a golf game to watch.
Tickle time.
Pirate Mom.
Good job!
Aidan got a candle, too.
More trains.
Still more trains.
A present from Aunt Deborah.
Pooped and hurting.
Grandpa had a hard time with this track.
The trusty pacifier was hung on a tree for the pacifier fairy.  Four yesr old boys don't need a pacifier!
WOW!  The pacifier fairy took the pacifier for a baby and left me this present.
It's my very own Thomas flashlight.