Link to park web site.

Site 131 on the lake.
We got set up before the BIG storm came through. This radar sequence starts at midnight; the high wind and rain hit us about 2AM on the 20th.
Both computers are internet connected using the phone as a hotspot!
Lantana was everywhere.
Lots of turkeys.
Not sure what this guy has on his mind.
We tried to attract a few hummingbirds, but ...........
The orange for the butterflies was desert!

Hiking trails were flat.  Some were paved, and others were mowed grass.
The Huisache was in bloom.
This large birdhouse was occupied!
Scissortail Flycatcher (Texas Bird of Paradise).
The 75 acre lake was a little low, but it was a nice hike.
  On the way into town (Three Rivers, Texas) Thursday, we spotted this elegant and very large bird.  He is a "Crested Caracara" (AKA Mexican Eagle).
It was hard to photograph him - he kept flying deeper into the woods.
Very majestic!
He has a friend.
Fishing over the lake near our site.
Only in Three Rivers!
Texting away!
Not many deer; this one was avoiding the mid day heat.