Lost Maples April 2011
New favorite sites, #16 or #15.  Site #16 has no close neighbors.
site 15-16
Big front yard.
Roy & Judy dropped by for a visit on Tuesday.  We did some hiking and eating (starting with eating!).
A little after lunch nap!
Off to the East trail.  It was over 90 degrees and sunny.
Judy gets some cool water to cool down hot bodies.

Sorry for the camera angle, Judy!
Cool water down the back!
It is VERY DRY!  This is a comparison of pictures taken April 2011 and October 2009.  Mac is splashing Linda with very cold water in 2009; there was no water in 2011!
Roy under the moss-covered overhang at the end of our hike.  Now we have to return!
CRASH after hike.
Revived - now to sell some Mary Kay!
John took a hike to the ponds on Wednesday.  There were several artists there painting.
This little waterfall is close to the ponds.  Play the video below to listen to it.
Doris and her walking stick.
While waiting for a picture of a big bass, this little hummer flew into a nearby tree.  I watched her for an hour as she flew from the nest and returned.  She was still there the following day; Doris made the trek back to see her.

A slideshow with a few of the shots from the two days is shown below.
Hummer slideshow 
Doris watching the humming bird.
I have seen this nest for many years, but this year the hawk was there!  See pictures below.
Could that be an egg?
Side view.
She turned her back to us!
This guy followed us back!
It was VERY DRY, so there were few spring flowers.  The cactus had just started to bloom.
(Mouse over to pause slideshow.)