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Melissa contracted a case of acute pancreatitis on November 10, so her turkey was in an IV bag!  She and Mimi are both texting greetings from the hospital.
Lucas dressed up for school.
Mimi and GP entertained the boys when Chris visited the hospital.
The boys got to visit Mommy in the hospital every few days.
Lucas' class put on a Christmas play after Thanksgiving.  He is waiting quietly for the time to go on stage.
Three to two - pretty good odds!
Aidan and Mimi.

 Aidan was VERY good at the play.
Dad and Aidan watching Lucas in the play.
Video of Lucas in the Christmas play.
This is a large file (>20MB).
It's over! Now we get treats!
Melody dropped by and gave Melissa a pedicure.
Miss Anna sent these beautiful orchids.
Chris & GP decorated the outside of the house with lights for Christmas.
Christmas in El Paso
(Melissa is still in the hospital)
Chris set up & decorated the tree.
Chris & Aidan playing a game.
The boys had a chat with Santa!
On Dec. 23 it snowed in El Paso, and a snowman formed up on our car and made this heart for Mimi!
Our little red car has not seen much snow!
Snowing in the back yard. 
While it was snowing, it was a good time to play games inside.
December 23 and we finally got a Christmas tree put up!  The nice desk for the computer is below the tree, and the principal Melissa updater is in the bed!

What a difference a day makes!
Mountains behind the house on Christmas eve with snow and fog.
Mouse over for the same view on Christmas day.
Christmas morning.
Mimi helped Lucas with his loot.
Favorite train!

Ladies, check out those eyelashes!!
Aidan's favorite, too.
Dad & Lucas check out an airplane.
Where will it all go?
Dad putting decals on a helicopter.
Christmas morning video.
MeeMaw and PawPaw came for a short visit after Christmas.
On January 11, Aidan lost his FIRST tooth!
Lucas riding his new bike at the park.
Friday the 13th was a good day!  Mommy got good news and will probably be able to come home in less than a week, and Lucas road his bike at the park.
Melissa and Mimi went to the mall and got haircuts on Tuesday, four days after freedom day (1/20).  Melissa still can't drive, but that does not stop her from walking the mall!
On Wednesday (1/25/2012) Aunt Shannon came to help out, but the flight was very late because of a big storm.  She had to spend the night in Houston and come to El Paso Thursday morning.
At last!!!!
Aidan really likes Aunt Shannon's i-pad.
So does Lucas.
Lucas watching a video while eating breakfast.
We had lunch at "The Bakery".
Lucas loves "Choclick"!.
Happy Birthday Mom!!!

(a bit early since Mimi & GP are leaving before Melissa's birthday)
Melissa is on a liquid diet, so this is an ICE CREAM cake!
Not exactly 37 candles!
Mimi with her girls.
GP, Melissa and Mimi
The family!