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We visited John, Pari and the boys first, and the first event was a swim meet.  Zach has a very nice butterfly stroke!

This was a big but very well run meet.
John was a timer for the morning races.  Each race had two backup electronic timers (as well as touchpad) and one with a stopwatch.
Waiting for the next race!
Ethan did very well in the backstroke.
After the swim meet, we loaded up and drove up to Lake Tahoe for two days.  Doris and Pari relaxed while the boys hiked down to the lake.
Check out the big blue jay!
This is the very nice condo where we stayed while at Tahoe.

Sunset from the balcony of the condo.

Lake Tahoe.
Boys on BIG bicycle in town.
We stopped at a waterfall on the way back home.
E has the pose thing down!
Hike across bridge to snow bank.  Note Ethan without shirt!
I'm glad I was not the photographer!
Snow balls from bridge.
One (snowball) made it down.

Emigrant Lake is still frozen.
The "boys" headed off for a hike.
GP in usual shorts, tee-shirt and sandals!
"E" in the snow.
Downhill skiing!
Marmot checking us out.
When we got home from Tahoe, Papaya was waiting in the back yard.  She had gotten out before we left; neighbors looked, but could not find her.  She was a little shaken, but otherwise ok.  When she was brought in, she headed straight for her food bowl!  GP removed a large tick from her ear, but no other issues were found.

Jamestown (on the way to Los Altos)
On the way to Los Altos, we spent two days in Jamestown (relaxing and especially SHOPPING).  We stayed in an absolutely wonderful B&B, the Victorian Gold.  The rooms were great and the hostess (Anita) served one of the best breakfasts we have ever had at a B&B.
The National Hotel has good food and a resident ghost!

This is the haul after a day of shopping in Jamestown.  They all made it home safely!

There is a cool train museum in Jamestown.
There is also a shop with LOTS of "Thomas the Train" trains and books.  Mimi had to check with Melissa to see what Lucas didn't have.
They had passenger cars......  
...... and working steam engines.  
This engine has a special gear drive for hauling heavy loads.  This engine and #3 above are used on weekends to carry visitors on short trips.

There is also a working turntable outside of the engine house.

Los Altos and visit with Matthew, Deborah and Bob
The electronics projects started immediately!  GP is checking out the motion sensor while Matthew disassembles a broken lamp motion sensor.
Matthew using the iPad while mom gives him a quick haircut before swim practice.
Saturday was archery lessons at the park.  Matthew's team won the first contest.
There were two instructors who taught both form and safety.  Matthew is second from the left in this picture.
The second contest was "shoot the moving pig".  Matthew is on the left in this video clip.
Matthew swam in a meet on Sunday.  He started with the freestyle (here) and ended with a first place swim in the breast stroke (movie below).
Breaststroke - see movie below.
Matthew in breast stroke.
We went to San Francisco on Monday so Deborah could go to a doctor's appointment.  The weather was GREAT.
The old and the new in front of Alcatraz island.
We had lunch at fisherman's pier.  Mimi & GP had clam chowder in a bread bowl; Deborah and Matthew snacked on our bread!
And then it was it was icee and pretzel time for Matthew.
That was followed by a hotdog which was shared with a bird.
Typical sign in San Francisco!
Pier 39 and sea lions.
Off to Ghirardelli Square.
Coin in fountain.
Cool new sun glasses.