Mike, Jody, Ashley, Morgan, Leighton, Sabrina and Hayden came for a visit over the July 4 weekend.

We started off at the Flying-L water park on Friday, but lightning forced them to close the park.  We got rain checks and returned Saturday afternoon.
Videos of Morgan, Sabrina, Ashley and MIKE on the waterslide, ending with a group float around the lagoon.
Saturday morning we all went to the Wild Seed Farm in Fredericksburg for a little shopping, ice cream and a visit to the butterfly area.
Sunday afternoon we paid a visit to the McGhees; Hayden found lots of cool bugs like this red katydid.

Sunday afternoon was the big 4th of July block party at Sandy's.  There was some GREAT food!
We returned to the house to watch the Flying-L fireworks from our yard.  The Krogstads walked up the 8th fairway to get a better view.  They are on the lower left in this picture.
Slideshow of the Flying-L fireworks.
Ashley set up shop before they left on Monday.  She makes some very pretty jewelry.