John is 70
For those wondering how John became the person he is, click on the arrow at right to see a short video!
The birthday celebrations started a week early with a visit from the Krogstads.
We all went to the river for a little rock climbing.......
... and rock skipping.
Ashley looked for rocks for her jewelry.
Deborah and Shannon came in on the 5th to help the old man celebrate.  Saturday morning we went to the big parade that Bandera threw in his honor (actually, it was the Mardi Gras Parade!).
John smoked a LOT of food for the evening gathering.
Deborah and Shannon relaxed a bit on the porch - it was a beautiful, mild day.
A sunbeam and Ipod!
Sarah had a "gig" that night, but she dropped by for a b-day hug.
She also practiced a few of the songs she was going to use in her performance that evening.
Jackson, Chip and Raenell at the party.
Vultures waiting for the cake to be cut!.
Sunday afternoon Stamping-Up. 

It was a very fun birthday!