John and boys
Several trips to our local Water Park were a bit hit.
Slideshow of the water park visits.
Zach made it across!!
Friday morning started with waffles and LOTS of whipping Cream!!!
Then it was off to see "The Cave With No Name".
It went about 100 feet underground.

There were very pretty formations!
And a few bats.
No comment. ask zach & ethan
Panning for gems after the cave visit.
Before going to the rodeo, Zach got a haircut.  That is a lot of hair on the floor.
The local rodeo was small, but fun for the kids.
E is getting ready to do the "Mutton Bustin" event.
He is up on the fence just like the bull riders!
E did a long ride!!!!  Next time he is going to do it on top of the sheep!!
Video of the big ride.
Next it was the mutton scramble.  Sparkles is warming up the kids with the chicken dance.
They're off!
Saturday we went to "Delamain's Creek" for a little fishing and riding on the water.  The boys each caught lots of fish (Ethan had 23).
hobby farm Ethan fed the chickens at the "Hobby Farm".  He also found one egg that he will eat for breakfast.