Mel in El Paso
Landing in El Paso. 
We waited by the elevator.
Melissa handled two boys, two roller bags with car seats and a stroller without any sleep (or help)!

After checking in to the hotel, we went all over El Paso looking at houses; she picked the third one.
Friday morning we found a park near their "new home".  Aidan started playing in the sand alone, but soon had company.
He played with this little girl for a few minutes!
After a lot of sliding on the slides, Lucas adapted a new family!!  He sat there for at least 5 minutes.
Melissa made two quick contacts with mothers in the area.  Dorothy (on left in this picture) has parents that live in Bandera at the Flying-L!!!!  She grew up in Brownsville and went to the same high school that Chris went to.   In this small group there were two Aidans and two Lucas.

Panorama from the park near "the house".
A second park was found within a few blocks of the house.  The sand was dry; much of it came home in pants......
...and hair!
There were swings, slides, rope climbing and one very large rock to climb.
That is HIGH!
Melissa got the boys a cool blow-up trampoline for the house, but it was a real hit in the hotel.
Video of the trampoline. 
Finally, moved into new house.  This is a slide show around the house.
  A BIG rattlesnake at the Outlet Mall close to the house.
  Lucas is definitely not shy! 
First car date!   
Lucas & Aidan on Mimi & Grandpas bed in the trailer.  We stopped by after the outlet mall so Melissa could check email. 
Fun in a new pool!
A very special kiss!
Aidan & Mimi before school registration.  It was a rough day for Aidan.  
Mimi got a hug (and chip) from Lucas.  Mimi & Grandpa left on Monday; it was very sad, but had to happen some time.
After we got home, Mimi read a Thomas book to Lucas using Skype.
A Few pictures taken by Aunt Shannon when she visited in September.