Dewayne and Luana joined us for a little agate hunting on the Woodward Ranch south of Alpine.  This is the rock shop.
Fireplace in the Woodward home.

Doris, Dewayne & Luana looking for agate on the Ranch.
Luana found several nice pieces.
Rental cabin on Woodward Ranch.
Doris walked back down the mountain.  The ride up was a bit bumpy!
The next day we went up to the McDonald observatory.  It was a little cold up there.  Dewayne, Luana and Doris found a warm place out of the wind!
Although we had done this tour several times, this guide was by far the best.  The tour started with a solar demonstration; it was very interesting.  Shown here is the 107 inch Harlan J. Smith Telescope with the new experimental spectroscope.  The Hobby-Eberly Telescope was also toured, and it was moved while we were there.  Pictures of this telescope taken on an earlier trip are here.
Radio telescope in the valley below the observatory.

Every hill in the area was covered with blooming Yucca.
This one was on the top of skyline drive.
Same Yucca as above photographed in Infrared.
A 3D image of a Yucca above the campground.  The Indian Lodge is in the background.  blue-red glasses are needed to observe this image in 3d.
Cool Infrared shot of a Yucca on Skyline Drive.
The communication relay station at the top of Skyline Drive.  We came here for cell service.  The WiFi in the park is improved; it is useable from within the trailer.
The clouds started building Saturday at sunset.  We had a nice rain Saturday night that washed most of the dust out of the air.  Sunday morning was cool and fresh!
Sunday evening brought another shower, so the steaks were grilled under the shelter.
There was a little small hail mixed in with the rain, but it caused no damage.
Hail video (and sound!).
A few Javalina!
The first day we saw about 30 in a clearing near the campground.
The yard angels (and duck) got a fresh coat of paint.  They were very happy!  We left early to beat the rain to Bandera, so this project was finished at home.