Site 221 - a great climbing tree!
The Krogstads joined us for an afternoon of tree climbing, alligator hunting and dinner.
We started at the pier.
Leighton experimented with the hydrophobic nature of lily pads by dropping some water on the top.
Close up showing the lens effect of the water drops.  You can see the sky and the lily pad in the drop!!
Alligator food!
Spider art.
This guy blocked the path, so we returned to camp after a few photos (slideshow below).

Abby (cousin) and Keith (Jody's dad) joined the group.
Mike was still at work - he joined us later.
Franklin, Ann & Tootsie joined us for a GREAT Lasagna dinner on Saturday night.
Wendy & Gray joined us for a walk around the lakes Sunday afternoon.
Very cute!
Drying out.
Where did those baby ducks go?
Crawfish for dinner!