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Mike, Hayden, Morgan, Sabrina & Leighton go down into the cave (99 feet down). IMG_1960.jpg (31998 bytes)
IMG_1963.jpg (19904 bytes) This cave was a surprise - it is really very nice and the tour guide was excellent.
"Nativity" IMG_1973.jpg (16473 bytes)
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Natural pools. IMG_1982.jpg (20473 bytes)
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"Fried eggs".....  IMG_1969.jpg (20691 bytes)
..... and "bacon". IMG_1987.jpg (25962 bytes)
IMG_1990.jpg (15181 bytes) This river eventually goes out to the surface.  Experienced divers can go back in this direction for over a day exploring the cave (many passages are under water).
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IMG_1959.jpg (22500 bytes) There was plenty to see!