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First priority, put on makeup. DSCN0899.jpg (15030 bytes)
OK, I'm ready.  Let's get this baby OUT. DSCN0901.jpg (16710 bytes)
DSCN0905.jpg (14206 bytes)


Check out my hair!!!

Mom looks pretty good, and it is 2AM. DSCN0909.jpg (14969 bytes)

DSCN0912.jpg (14045 bytes)
I look like my mom.

DSCN0915.jpg (13021 bytes) I am REALLY cute.
Mimi worked the phones to get the word out...... PICT2422.jpg (14070 bytes)
PICT2425.jpg (12966 bytes) ... Then it was off to the hospital to hold ME.
Mom did some calling, too. PICT2435.jpg (19904 bytes)
PICT2424.jpg (11222 bytes) Check out my toes!

I can use these to pick up things like Mom and Mimi do.

I already need a haircut! PICT2427.jpg (12382 bytes)
PICT2437.jpg (18072 bytes) My brother came to see me and give me a big kiss.
Dad & I share a few special moments. PICT2444.jpg (13306 bytes)
PICT2446.jpg (17458 bytes) Mom has real clothes on; it must be time to go home.
My first car ride. coming-home.jpg (19448 bytes)
CRW_2363.jpg (16041 bytes) Safe in Dad's arms.
Aunt Shannon sent us (Mom) this cool basket of fruit. CRW_2350.jpg (20117 bytes)
CRW_2355.jpg (21929 bytes)

CRW_2351.jpg (12664 bytes)    CRW_2354.jpg (16442 bytes)
Brother Aidan liked the balloons....

CRW_2358.jpg (15818 bytes) ... and the fruit.

Note that Daisy is always in the picture if there is food around!

SlideShow of Lucas' faces!

(Age: 0 - 1 week)

My first bath. bath-2.jpg (16888 bytes)
bath-1.jpg (18589 bytes) I liked my hair washed......
bath-3-combing-hair.jpg (19909 bytes) .... and combed!
Mimi's hair is shorter than mine! IMG_2430.jpg (12127 bytes)
CRW_2457.jpg (10505 bytes) I'm cute.
On my one week "birthday", we all went out for Chinese food for lunch and then to Costco for more food. PICT2481.jpg (28631 bytes)
PICT2493.jpg (24672 bytes) Mimi says good-bye to Lucas.
After Mimi & GP went home, Grandma and Grandpa Vega came to visit. 3.jpg (23916 bytes)
4.jpg (17777 bytes) Grandpa Mike was great at calming Lucas to sleep.
While Mom and Lucas rested, the rest of the group hit the National Mall. 5.jpg (32563 bytes)
6.jpg (21223 bytes) Aidan and Noel in their "Cars" t-shirts.