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My new brother will be here soon, so I am going to get lots of Mimi time before then!


Mimi was funny with her bubble gum.

big-bubble.jpg (18745 bytes)
gum-pool.jpg (27189 bytes) If I am fast, I can grab it!
Dad & I went swimming in the big pool. swimming-with-dad.jpg (16811 bytes)
spaghetti.jpg (18316 bytes) After all of that hard exercise, I was hungry!

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We went to the mall; Mimi & Mom got pedicures.

Carousel ride with dad. carousel.jpg (21278 bytes)

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We did two train rides in the mall.

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Before and After Lucas was born..

(Mouse over the picture to see "After".)

More pictures of Lucas on HIS page.

After Lucas was born, Mimi came to the park with me. PICT2450.jpg (24761 bytes)
mimi-aidan-swing.jpg (36735 bytes) She likes to swing, too!
Demon from Snow Dogs???

This beautiful dog lives next door.

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airplanes.jpg (20084 bytes) I went to see LOTS of airplanes with Dad and Grandpa.

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Panorama shots from top walkway.

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Sunday afternoon in my pool. IMG_2407.jpg (20569 bytes)
IMG_2426.jpg (24833 bytes) Ride the whale.
The balloons look good on Daisy, and they mark her location (which is always near food!). PICT2478.jpg (19921 bytes)
PICT2483.jpg (16539 bytes) Lucas and Aidan have a mid-morning snack in bed.
I can put this entire puzzle together by myself! puzzle.jpg (21513 bytes)