July 2007 Aidan Update

I've had a busy year.  In January, I got to play in the snow for the first time!

1.jpg (18333 bytes)
2.jpg (14484 bytes) It's kind of slippery!
I needed to rest after all that playing. 3.jpg (14810 bytes)
4.jpg (17303 bytes) Yummy spaghetti!

In April, I saw the Easter Bunny.  I loved him and didn't want to leave.

5.jpg (16833 bytes)
6.jpg (13521 bytes)

I got my first haircut in May.  So handsome.

Summer time!!!  I love playing in my pool.

7.jpg (18835 bytes)
8.jpg (14979 bytes)
If I share my snacks with Daisy... 9.jpg (12533 bytes)
10.jpg (31997 bytes) ...then she lets me snuggle in her bed.

Grandma and Grandpa Vega came to visit in June.

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12.jpg (17408 bytes)

We went to the petting zoo and park.

Daddy took me swimming in the big pool. 13.jpg (15578 bytes)
14.jpg (17581 bytes) It's a lot of fun!

I love toys that go "vroom vroom".

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16.jpg (14090 bytes)

tantrum.jpg (11319 bytes)
For those of you who think Aidan is ALWAYS perfect!!!