Christmas 2007

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Aidan-Santa.jpg (13990 bytes) I got things started with an early visit with Santa.
It was a wild party at the Schuelke family meeting.  Mimi and I hid upstairs. CRW_1531.jpg (20745 bytes)
CRW_1517.jpg (18658 bytes) The swing outside was nice; it was away from the crowds.
Jay  was fun to play with. DSCN0510.jpg (15345 bytes)
DSCN0514.jpg (25936 bytes) Paw Paw showed me Arnold!
Maw Maw & I share a laugh. DSCN0517.jpg (16053 bytes)
DSCN0519.jpg (18682 bytes) Cool drums (at West Columbia parade).
Uncle Jason was tossing me into the air!! DSCN0530.jpg (23332 bytes)

Mommy shared a "little" news with all! newbaby2007.jpg (37609 bytes)
pregnant.jpg (21648 bytes) YOU'RE PREGNANT ???

Grandma Olga and Grandpa Mike came to pick us up for a short visit in San Antonio.  They got the "NEWS" while on a video conference with Dad.

The children's museum in San Antonio was great fun. DSCN0547.jpg (12063 bytes)
IMG_1559.jpg (19194 bytes) Back to Mimi & Grandpa's house in Bandera for the last part of my trip to Texas.

The playground at Mimi & Grandpa's church was fun, and the weather was clear and cool (ok, Mom was COLD).

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After church on Sunday, we went to the McGhees at Mt. Zion, and I could RUN.

IMG_1585.jpg (26177 bytes) I watched some TV with Christopher.......
... and Celsey Ann was there!!! IMG_1584.jpg (20627 bytes)
IMG_1588.jpg (15767 bytes) She was VERY nice.
She sat with me in the big chair...... IMG_1590.jpg (24565 bytes)
She gave me some cool trains..... IMG_1607.jpg (16862 bytes)

BUT, she wanted to KISS me!!!!!
(I got away).

IMG_1589.jpg (21358 bytes)
IMG_1595.jpg (20521 bytes) Mom had to help me with some of the presents from Celsey.

I gave Celsey a worm (I am a boy).
She LOVED it!

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CRW_1612.jpg (20000 bytes) On Monday, we went to Hondo and another playground.  We ate at McDonalds, and saw TWO trains go by.
I was going REALLY high - check out my hair! CRW_1615.jpg (20611 bytes)
CRW_1617.jpg (17322 bytes) I went on a big swing with Mom.
I liked the slide........ CRW_1620.jpg (11915 bytes)
CRW_1621.jpg (27546 bytes) ..... and balance beam.

When we got back from Hondo, Mimi and I played on the floor. CRW_1623.jpg (17250 bytes)
CRW_1628.jpg (22590 bytes) She hid a few times.
I do love my Mimi. CRW_1624.jpg (14532 bytes)
CRW_1630.jpg (17019 bytes) Grandpa is ok, too.

The day we left for home we had a picnic by the Medina River.   This was Mom's first Sonic meal! CRW_1631.jpg (25721 bytes)
CRW_1633.jpg (13540 bytes) Tator-Tots from Sonic are great!
A walk b y the river with Mom. CRW_1643.jpg (18925 bytes)
Aidan-tree.jpg (31130 bytes) Picture for Mimi and Grandpa.

This is their "grandchildren" tree by the Medina River.