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Ice Cream at Uncle Franklins
Stay with Mrs. Anna in Lake Jackson (& Krogstads!)
Bandera with Mimi & Grandpa
The big Vega party
Pumpkin patch
Birthday Cake

I finally got to meet my Maw Maw & Paw Paw. DSCN0539.jpg (20693 bytes)
DSCN0510.jpg (19170 bytes) That Paw Paw is silly.
Maw Maw liked to snuggle me before bed. DSCN0532.jpg (22453 bytes)
DSCN0527.jpg (21458 bytes) Uncle Jason & cousin Jay kept me entertained!
DSCN0526.jpg (14675 bytes)
DSCN0513.jpg (20222 bytes) I AM cute!
This cookie jar sings "Green Acres"... but where are the cookies? DSCN0542.jpg (20833 bytes)
DSCN0523.jpg (20402 bytes) My great, great uncle Albert came to visit me.
Ice cream party with the Schuelke clan.  I really liked Shailey's long hair! PICT1877.jpg (18704 bytes)
PICT1874.jpg (20788 bytes) Diaper changing time!
A run in the yard with Uncle Franklin. PICT1881.jpg (22287 bytes)
PICT1884.jpg (19432 bytes) Breakfast at Mrs. Anna's house in Lake Jackson.
I got to play with all 5 Krogstad children.  Shortly after this picture was taken, I dove into the pool!! PICT1888.jpg (19303 bytes)
DSCN0547.jpg (16831 bytes) After Grandpa pulled me out (feet first), I hopped back in for a swim with the pretty girls!
Ashley is very nice. PICT1896.jpg (20519 bytes)
PICT1903.jpg (22254 bytes) FINALLY in Bandera!!  Mimi & I went for a stroll after the very welcome rain on Tuesday morning.
Fun on the back porch. IMG_9722.jpg (16430 bytes)
IMG_9724.jpg (11628 bytes) I JUST fit under this glass table.
Bath time in the duck tub (which I DO NOT LIKE!). IMG_9725.jpg (11561 bytes)
PICT1904.jpg (17916 bytes) Wednesday morning was cool and foggy.

Mimi & Grandpa took me for a walk!

Feeding the ducks at the Bandera Park on the Medina River. PICT1915.jpg (20327 bytes)
PICT1922.jpg (21357 bytes) This is a cool tree to play in!!
After the big guys ate Chinese food, I finished up on the porch at Mimi's house. IMG_9729.jpg (16849 bytes)
IMG_9732.jpg (16610 bytes) I had a video conference with Dad before going to bed!
Mom & I played in the SOFT grass in the back yard. IMG_9742.jpg (18698 bytes)
IMG_9745.jpg (14600 bytes) Grandpa has fun with PhotoShop, and I love the deer across the street from the house!!!
A little fishing before bed. IMG_9754.jpg (9449 bytes)

sunset.jpg (39308 bytes)
I'm riding off into the sunset!

IMG_9774.jpg (19401 bytes) The guys with their remotes.
Lots of people came to see me. IMG_9780.jpg (17568 bytes)
IMG_9787.jpg (17499 bytes) It was good to see Grandpa Vega again.
IMG_9785.jpg (17416 bytes)
IMG_9795.jpg (16001 bytes) I got a lot of kisses.
We watched the AGGIE game, and they WON! IMG_9790.jpg (16250 bytes)
IMG_9784.jpg (16837 bytes)
Mimi made me this cool birthday cake; maybe I will get to eat it tomorrow when I wake up! IMG_9778.jpg (13523 bytes)
IMG_9800.jpg (17999 bytes) The video conference with Dad was the hit of the party, and I slept through the entire thing!
IMG_9846.jpg (21905 bytes) FINALLY, it was time for my birthday cake that Mimi made for me.
I really like the candle. IMG_9851.jpg (19899 bytes)
IMG_9876.jpg (15815 bytes) Maybe this stuff is as good as the candle.....
... I think I will try some. IMG_9877.jpg (15413 bytes)
IMG_9878.jpg (14400 bytes) What candle???
Tuesday was a sad day for Mimi and Grandpa, but I will be back. PICT1932.jpg (17778 bytes)
PICT193-31.jpg (16967 bytes) Grandpa even got in one picture with me.
Then Mom and I headed for security to start the long flight home (through Chicago). PICT1933.jpg (18774 bytes)