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I have had a busy fall. First, I went to see my cousins in Boston. photo1.jpg (17989 bytes)
photo2.jpg (19763 bytes) Dad was trying to teach me to play the guitar!
We went to the New England Aquarium! photo3.jpg (14737 bytes)
photo4.jpg (14630 bytes) That turtle is bigger than me.
When we got home, we went to see Santa.  I promised to be good. photo5.jpg (15513 bytes)
photo6.jpg (28983 bytes) It's so hard when there is so much to touch!
I guess I was good enough. Look at all the toys Santa left! photo7.jpg (28296 bytes)
photo8.jpg (13417 bytes) I nearly jumped out of Dad's arms when I saw all of the toys.
I didn't know what to play with first. photo9.jpg (26612 bytes)
photo10.jpg (23019 bytes) I got a lot of things that go "Vroom Vroom".
The Elmo giggle chair makes me giggle. photo11.jpg (18174 bytes)
photo12.jpg (20349 bytes) Now I don't have to go to the park to slide.
Then we went to Chicago to see my other cousins for New Years. photo13.jpg (16137 bytes)
photo14.jpg (13812 bytes) I liked playing with Uncle Ron.
I'm not sure what to make of this Santa. photo15.jpg (15515 bytes)
photo16.jpg (15891 bytes) We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  The tiger behind us made loud roars!
Here I am with Ron and Brittany; I was COLD! photo17.jpg (22826 bytes)