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My new home in Leesburg, VA.

PICT1361.jpg (22877 bytes)
IMG_9042.jpg (21711 bytes) I was VERY happy to see Mimi!
REALLY happy. IMG_9038.jpg (18194 bytes)
IMG_9036.jpg (19201 bytes)
I do a great job of sitting up. IMG_9046.jpg (17666 bytes)
PICT1332.jpg (23688 bytes) We went to the park near the cemetery.
The trees were still very pretty.
This one looked like it was on fire! PICT1336.jpg (24771 bytes)
PICT1338.jpg (28032 bytes) Friday was antique shopping time in Leesburg.
Court house in downtown Leesburg PICT1346.jpg (24652 bytes)
IMG_9048.jpg (13448 bytes) Dad got home early and played with me...
...while Mom and Mimi cooked and
Daisy vacuumed the floor.
IMG_9050.jpg (18895 bytes)
IMG_9051.jpg (19930 bytes) OK,  so I have a lot of clothes!
More toys, please. IMG_9072.jpg (9264 bytes)
IMG_9075.jpg (8306 bytes) I really love baths!
This guy is in the field across the road from our house. IMG_9062.jpg (19409 bytes)
IMG_9078.jpg (13343 bytes) I can sit up and play like a big boy...
...most of the time! IMG_9076.jpg (15021 bytes)
PICT1349.jpg (20747 bytes) Saturday it was ANOTHER antique shopping trip.
I liked the band and the lady singing. PICT1351.jpg (16689 bytes)
IMG_9084.jpg (16973 bytes) After a rough Saturday night, I am ready to play.
Look Mom, one hand! IMG_9083.jpg (20515 bytes)
IMG_9085.jpg (18759 bytes) Bedtime story with Mom.
A big smooch for Mimi. PICT1354.jpg (17553 bytes)
PICT1357.jpg (14444 bytes) Those are cool braces!
I have a NEW swing! IMG_9097.jpg (22539 bytes)
IMG_9099.jpg (20069 bytes) Mimi rocked me to sleep her last night here.
Mimi read me the Dinosaur book one last time the morning she and Grandpa left for home.  We will be doing lots of video conference meetings until they return. PICT1368.jpg (18738 bytes)
IMG_9101.jpg (19667 bytes) On Thursday (after Mimi Went home), I had a video conference with her.  It was pretty cool!
She even made me FULL SCREEN.  I could see her reading the dinosaur story to me. IMG_9107.jpg (16221 bytes)