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Tuesday, January 11, 2005:  Mimi, Melissa, Chris and Jade went to Houston.........

Melissa gave Chris a picture to look at.......

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Chris after looking at picture!! Chris-father-1.jpg (11825 bytes)

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April 14, 2005 - The room color will be BLUE!
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Slideshow of all April 14, 2005 images.

nursery.jpg (10699 bytes) A different view of Baby Vega!  Daisy is checking it out.
I hope he likes boats and the beach. nursery2.jpg (17187 bytes)

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Melissa came to Texas for a baby shower in June.

Anna decorated the front door! shower-Mel-door-close.jpg (21013 bytes)
shower-PICT0732.jpg (28381 bytes) Melissa with some of the hostesses....
... and her Mom! shower-PICT0730.jpg (24441 bytes)
shower-PICT0735.jpg (23988 bytes) Ellen made this quilt - it is pretty AND soft!
Slideshow of shower pictures.

Portrait of Baby Vega from ultrasound on August 05, 2005.  He looks a lot like Melissa! Owen_8_05_05.jpg (6089 bytes)
The birth announcement card production line.

Anna came over to help out as time got closer.

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Katrina-1.jpg (14598 bytes) Katrina came for a visit before turning her category-4 strength on New Orleans.

The storm passed very close to Kendall, leaving 1,000,000 without power and many trees down.

After Mimi arrived, the three (plus 1) made a trip to the beach. beach.jpg (20574 bytes)
profile.jpg (7869 bytes) One last profile before the big day.
Wednesday, September 14 at the hospital.  He won't be this quiet for a long time! hello_in_there.jpg (14223 bytes)
ouch.jpg (13763 bytes) OUCH!