November 14 through December 9, 2005

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Nap time! DSCN0051.jpg (11288 bytes)
DSCN0054.jpg (15887 bytes)
I love tigger. DSCN0060.jpg (18894 bytes)

DSCN0062.jpg (24593 bytes)
Let's play.

DSCN0064.jpg (16697 bytes)
DSCN0069.jpg (18703 bytes) My first Christmas picture.
DSCN0072.jpg (11852 bytes)
DSCN0077.jpg (21382 bytes)
DSCN0078.jpg (20687 bytes)
DSCN0082.jpg (24948 bytes) Mom, I can stand here without help.

I wonder what Dad will do if I pull this hair???

DSCN0084.jpg (14944 bytes)
DSCN0085.jpg (15566 bytes) I'm going to give it a tug.
After Christmas, 2005
Bayley and I had fun! DSCN0089.jpg (20088 bytes)
DSCN0103.jpg (18646 bytes) I watched the Cowboy game with dad.
I AM cute! DSCN0112.jpg (16193 bytes)
DSCN0115a.jpg (16693 bytes) I like to stand; now if I could just get these legs to walk....
Playing with Dad...... DSCN0119.jpg (14055 bytes)
... and blowing bubbles! DSCN0123.jpg (15521 bytes)
DSCN0128.jpg (20836 bytes) Bring on the presents!
COOL!!!! DSCN0129.jpg (22412 bytes)